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  • WHAT: Publisher Connect is a free service for publishers to create and manage their web apps in Puffin Academy Class Portal. For more details, please refer to this tutorial.

  • WHO: People (schools, organizations, companies or individuals) who provide K-12 educational resources on Internet are qualified to apply to be a member of Publisher Connect. The educational resources should be accessible and be correctly displayed in Puffin Web Browser.

  • WHEN: Please complete the application form below. After submission, we will review the application shortly and may contact you about the provided contents if any question. Once passed, an email will be sent to your registered IT contact mailbox with account/password to login Publisher Connect within 2~3 working days.

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Choose your type of publisher (What is the difference?) :

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You should pay attention to the types and choose one properly, or your application will be canceled.

Many school teachers provide educational web pages which are specifically to their students / classes.

Though these web pages are on Internet, it's only accessible inside campus or requires school ID / Pass. Such web pages are designed for their students but not meaningful to general users of Puffin Academy.

For teachers whose web pages are of this type, please choose "School / Campus / District". Once the choice is made and submitted, the chosen type can't be changed. (I got it!)

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